Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

The verdict is out, our Shields offer a unique design printed on high-quality materials and our customers are always #1 to us!

What is a Dirtlane Co. DirtShield®??

100% Micro-polyester tubular bandana that is custom designed and can be worn several ways, offering both style and protection while your outdoors!

Most common application is wearing while you are ripping Sand Dunes or crushing Desert Trails while in, or on your Off-Road weaponry of choice!

100% Shipped in the USA and custom designed orders can be arranged at

Stay Dirty my Friends!


·       ✓ Soft, Breathable 100% Polyester 


·       ✓ 100% Seamless

·       ✓ One Size Fits All Adults

·       ✓ Repels Moisture

·       ✓ UPF30+

·       ✓ Stain Resistant

·       ✓ Odor Control

·       ✓ Protects Against Wind

·       ✓ Helps Maintain Hydration

·       ✓ Quick-Drying

·       ✓ 2-Way Lateral Stretch

·       ✓ Product Dimensions: (approx.) 10.5 x 20.5 inches

·       ✓ Weight: 1.3ounces

·       ✓ Machine Washable

·       ✓ Air Dry

·       ✓ Do Not Iron




·       ✓ Face Mask

·       ✓ Bandana

·       ✓ Balaclava

·       ✓ Ponytail

·       ✓ Beanie

·       ✓ Headband

·     ✓ Neck Gaiter

·     ✓ Saharine

·     ✓ Wristband

·     ✓ Do-Rag

·     ✓ Pirate

·    ✓ Plus Many More!

Who is Dirtlane Co?

"Life in the Dirtlane ™ "is more than just a brand slogan to us, it's a lifestyle... and we cater to those that live this lifestyle. Offering high-quality SxS Apparel that is original, shipped from the USA and made from the finest materials money can source. As a family, our greatest memories are created when we are in our RZR exploring the back wood trails, unmarked desert terrain and ripping Dunes. God, Family and Riding is our moto, and therefore we wanted to start “Dirtlane” which simply means, we prefer being in a lane consisting of dust, mud, or sand vs. asphalt!

We appreciate you taking this ride with us! Be blessed, pick good lines, and stay dirty my friends.

Dirtlane Co. aka Surgenor Family